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GameEx related news and releases
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8th March, 2014 - Slingfront 1.5

SlingFront Version 1.5 Released

  • Various and substantial changes and enhancements by Oliver.

Get it here

5th March, 2014 - GameEx 13.24
This release adds support for the new Emumovies GameEx database vidoes for other emulated systems.

NES is available via the download service and FTP and Coleco is currently being worked on.

Download the videos, set the path under basic emulator settings and the rest is plug is play.

2nd March, 2014 - GameEx 13.22
  • Working with EmuMovies this release brings GameEx database videos to life. Read more here. Note: Set the path to the videos under MAME settings.
  • Movie box art and descriptions are downloading and working again.
  • Several fixes for the UPNP media server client
  • Some performance enhancments


6th February, 2014 - Introducing GameEx Online
As part of GameEx Evolution (the sequel to GameEx) a new feature is being introduced - GameEx Online.
GameEx online allows access to your game library and associated media and assets from any web enabled device and also allows you to remote control the software.

GameEx online is being piloted with PinballX before GameEx evolution is released and is now available in the latest version of PinballX.

Visit the GameEx Online site at

14th January, 2014 - GameEx 13.21
  • Big update to the Game Info Plugin by Adultery.
  • Updated Xpadder Plugin by Adultery.
  • Fixes Steam support for the latest Steam client released last week.


5th December, 2013 - GameEx 13.20
Updated XPadder and Game Info plugins by Adultery featuring many new features.
Updated LCD/LED Plugin by Ben Baker adding support for the latest devices and MAME releases.

15th November, 2013 - GameEx 13.19
Fixes for latest MAME release.
Display reinitialization fix.

27th September, 2013 - GameEx 13.18
Big Plugin update thanks to Adultery. Also special thanks to Stu.

23rd September, 2013 - GameEx 13.17
This release is a database related update.
We have included updates to all the databases so they now contain all data even data that is not verified and validated. The user community seemed to want that so that is what has been done.
GameEx itself also includes a couple of minor updates to work with and display the data better.
Thanks as always to Michael (AKA Flash) our resident GameEx dbase Guru who is responsible for all this work.

8th August, 2013 - GameEx 13.15
GameEx 13.15 released.
  • Many updated emulator databases thanks to Flash. We are always looking to improve them and could do with some help. If you would like to contribute please contact GreatFlash via the forums.
  • Adds publisher support from the system databases, featuring full listing, categorisation and linking. (Only supported with modern theme versions).
  • Adds back the system biography which has been missing for some time. (Only supported with modern theme versions).
  • Another new database feature thanks to Flash is that when using database game names bracketed information can be shown and nicely formatted for cases where there are multiple regions or discs. (Remove brackets has to be turned off).
  • New setting to format game names (renamed from previous setting) which performs a little more formatting of file names to make them look nicer.
  • The in game / pause feature has been greatly improved and includes support for a key combo and gamepad hot buttons to access the feature. The feature is also now more reliable, resilient and stable. It also now properly pauses and resumes any system. It works with the latest MAME and many emulators but if it is not compatible GameEx will gracefully return to to the game. Note: The feature has been moved to its own sub section in the setup wizard under input and the settings are now stored in custominput.ini.
  • Fixes controls Meta Data for the latest MAME release (this had broken the UltraStik plugin).
  • Updated Game Info plugin by Adultery.
  • New Quick Launch plugin by Adultery easily allowing you to launch multiple programs before and after games.
  • The system databases are now included with the installer. They are no longer a separate download and will update automatically.
  • We now have more standardised naming of gaming systems and emulators thanks to Headkaze and several files have been renamed and updated.
  • The plugin system has been updated to 1.41 with events now receiving publisher, system biography, and video snap path.


9th July, 2013 - GameEx 13.14
  • Updated XPadder and Game Info plugins by Adultery.
  • Steam support can now be disabled completely.
  • Number of external applications supported increased from 25 to 50.


5th June, 2013 - GameEx 13.13

Updated Game Info Plugin by Adultery.

Good to see you back buddy.

30th May, 2013 - GameEx 13.12
Minor performance improvements and fixes.

22nd May, 2013 - Introducing PinballX

PinballX is a free digital pinball front end designed for digital pinball cabinets developed by the author of GameEx. It is compatible with HyperPin media and databases. Credit to Bill E for creating the first digital pinball front end publicy available HyperPin.

Please be aware this is a new release and there may be some items to address which we are happy to do.

Home Page

10th May, 2013 - GameEx 13.11
  • Improved compatibility with Linux and Mac under WINE
  • New Mac OS X version available that is quite an improvement. Note: This is still experimnetal.
  • Running under Linux and OS X can now be done without registration required.
  • Fixes to GameEx login which was not working properly since we moved to the new database format.
  • Fixes display not reninitializing after download of and selecting themes.
  • Fixes display startup issues when the run full screen windowed setting is set.

Download here.

6th May, 2013 - New GameEx web site has been completely redesigned and has had an overhaul.

23rd April, 2013 - GameEx 13.10
  • The installer features improved support for WINE on Mac and Linux.
  • Fix for theme editor on some versions of 64 bit windows


1st April, 2013 - GameEx 13.09
Minor fix to directory caching.

25th March, 2013 - GameEx 13.07
  • Fixed a couple of systems broken in last update.
  • Fixes issues when GameEx set to login to Steam


23rd March, 2013 - GameEx 13.06
  • Improved performance and responsiveness loading artwork and video previews
  • Fixes weather ICON
  • The excluded files setting now accepts wildcards.
  • ROM filter will now filter main list when using 7-zip/zip support.
  • Imrproved performance of automatic artwork downloader and it also downloads two files at a time.
  • New tweak to allow seek into game preview videos to skip the fade in.
  • Searching for HDHomeRun devices at startup is now done on a thread.
  • The preview video collage for MAME all games and MAME in the emulator list now only shows games available and not all videos n the in the folder.
  • Slightly improved performance loading emulators at startup.


17th March, 2013 - GameEx 13.05
  • For registered users live TV HDHomeRun support for digital cable and digital antenna.
  • New setting to run GameEx full screen in a window.
  • New version of the emumovies download service utility included.


12th March, 2013 - GameEx 13.04
Includes new version of the emumovies download service utility which features significantly improved performance.

10th March, 2013 - SlingBox HTPC Front End

Introducing a new Spesoft project

Slingfront - HTPC (10 foot) Front End for Slingboxes

Slingfront is windows front end software built to allow access to your Slingboxes in a media center, HTPC 10 foot environment. Ie For viewing on a TV with a remote control.

  • Usable without a mouse
  • Works with the SlingBox 350 and 500 and older SlingBoxes
  • Minimal Configuration Required
  • Full screen 10 foot interface
  • Windows remote control support
  • Customizable keyboard controls
  • Supports proxy server
  • Supports up to 7 Slingboxes

This is fan based hobbyist software and not endorsed or associated by or with Sling Media.

The project is free open source software. Source code is available on

Click Here to download

For any questions, support or requests for the software there is a SlingFront forum here.

2nd March, 2013 - GameEx 13.03
For registered users if you are fortunate enough to own a SiliconDust HDHomeRun this version adds basic Live Cable TV. This release also supports using an external player for BLURAY ISOs.

23rd February, 2013 - GameEx 13.01
GameEx version 13.01 adds Adultery's Virtual Drive Loader Plugin.

There really are a lot of great plugins included with GameEx now. If you are trying GameEx for the first time you might want to take a look at the Plugin Manager utility included.

23rd February, 2013 - GameEx 13.00
This is only an incremental minor version release and fixes a potential security issue and plugin events not running in the screensaver.

7th February, 2013 - GameEx 12.99
  • Global game pad exit is now always in effect even if using an advanced emulator config
  • Various other minor fixes


26th December, 2012 - GameEx 12.98
  • Fixes memory usage issues with preview video player.
  • MP4 files now play out of the box on Windows 8 although other codecs are still highly recommended.
  • Updated Game Info and Xpadder plugins by Adultery. Thank you for all your hard work
  • GameEx now exits a little qucker.


21st December, 2012 - GameEx 12.97
  • Improvements and fixes to UPNP support.
  • Emulators are now loaded and cached at startup.
  • Fixes memory leak playing videos in screensaver.


18th December, 2012 - GameEx 12.96
GameEx 12.96 adds an additional 8,000 high quality radio stations.

18th December, 2012 - GameEx 12.95
  • Fixed all default radio stations (for new installs only.)
  • Updated categorised radio stations for registered users.


13th December, 2012 - GameEx 12.93
  • The entire USA NetFlix library is now available via the GameEx front end up, with database integration and support for gamepads and remote control in the external player.
  • Fixes losing input focus when returning from Daphne.
  • Fixes Escape key combo not available in daphne.
  • The keyboard escape key combo now correctly checks for all keys held down at once rather than pressed individually.
  • Correctly disables power saving when watching a DVD or video.


28th November, 2012 - TapaTalk
TapaTalk has been installed and is up and running on the Spesoft and GameEx forums. Enjoy.

27th November, 2012 - GameEx 12.92
  • This is a release to enhance GameEx when used over a network with assets and files on NAS boxes or servers.
  • GameEx will now automaticially reconnect mapped drives when accessed. This is a worthwhile enhancment as many applications cannot work with UNC paths and .net will not normally detect and reconnect the drive.
  • Greatly improved performance via caching and code optimisations when using the scan sub folders settings. This improves performance in lots of areas of GameEx when this setting is used and even when not used.


21st November, 2012 - GameEx heavily discounted
Payment processing for GameEx registrations has been switched to Google and the currency changed to my native British pounds. Currently only lifetime licenses are available but the price has been reduced by a significant 9 dollars. The cost for an unlimited lifetime license is now 20 british pounds which is approximatly 30 dollars as opposed to previously $39. The tourist exchange rate is around 1.5 dollars to the pound at the moment.

19th November, 2012 - GameEx 12.90
This version perfects image mounting support.
  • Properly detects image is mounted even if the filesystem is not supported by the operating system.
  • Faster detection that image is mounted.
  • Several more formats supported.
  • Fixes mounting bin or iso instead of cue when cue file present.


17th November, 2012 - GameEx 12.89
  • There is now a seperate games list for MAME CHD games. A list update is required to show them.
  • It seems MAME now prompts for exit and GameEx was not closing the process if it detected the escape key. This now happens.


16th November, 2012 - GameEx 12.88
  • For registered users RAR has been added to the 7-zip/zip support.
  • Fixes please wait animation not showing when unarchiving and mounting.


15th November, 2012 - GameEx OS X Alpha 0.0.2
The expiremental mac os-x version has been updated. This fixes the issue where it would hang on a white screen with recent macs and versions of os-x.

15th November, 2012 - GameEx 12.87
In another fine contribution to the community EmuMovies has upped the daily cap for other image types to 1GB from 256MB (snaps and titles already had no limit) for free accounts.. Therefore this release of GameEx enhances the automatic download feature to also download boxes, carts, marquees and cabs for users using free accounts with EmuMovies. Thank you EmuMovies. Enjoy!

14th November, 2012 - Instant Sheller 0.8
Instant Sheller 0.8 Released

  • A step forward with Windows 7. This version hides the Welcome.. And Shutting Down text.


13th November, 2012 - GameEx 12.86
  • This release has an option in the installer to install a GameEx plugin for XBMC. The addon will allow you to launch GameEx from the XBMC programs module. This version also cleanly returns and sets focus to XBMC. Ensure XBMC is running windowed when fullscreen. This is the default.
  • Several minor fixes in this release including exported MAME games in windows media center working properly.
  • New version of Adultery's Game Info plugin including multi monitor and theme support.


4th October, 2012 - GameEx 12.85
  • Updated MAME support files.
  • Updated Steam wrappers. Thanks again to Aaron, Orlin and Stu.
  • Fixes Steam emulator group issue.
  • Fixes black screen with CD checking


24th September, 2012 - GameEx 12.84
  • Updated EmuMovies download service utility to version 1.1.
  • This or future versions of GameEx will soon be required for continued use of the automated artwork and video download feature due to multiple front ends now using the download service API and changes implemented because of that.


11th September, 2012 - GameEx 12.83
  • GameEx now supports non Steam games in Steam.
  • Several audio related fixes.
  • Fixes unhandled exception.


8th September, 2012 - GameEx 12.82
Steam updates.

6th September, 2012 - GameEx 12.81
A new front end first for registered GameEx users - Plug and play Steam support with automatic artwork, videos and database.

This would not have been possible without PimpDaddyStu and NullPointer.


4th September, 2012 - GameEx 12.80
  • Ben Baker added support for the new Ultimarc Servostik via the Ultrastik plugin.
  • Fixes CloneOf database field.
  • Includes new version of the EmuMovies download service utility. Now supporting system intro videos.
  • Fixes Karaoke when in queue mode.