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  November 22, 2014     
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GameEx related news and releases
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6th October, 2014 - GameEx 13.32
This release is specifically for our VIP users (Contribtuors and Elites) to get early access to the GameEx Evolution Online features such as remote media streaming and configuration available at

The purpose is to help us test these features and reward our most valuable members.

We also have a new testing forum for our contributor and elite users where they can get early access to GameEx Evolution and other products such as plugins and help us test them.

4th September, 2014 - GameEx 13.31
For registered users this release introduces plug and play Uplay support.

2nd September, 2014 - GameEx 13.29
For registered users this release introduces plug and play EA Origin support.

28th August, 2014 - GameEx 13.28
  • Updated Xpadder Plugin by Adultery.
  • Fixes and performance improvements browsing UPNP media servers.
  • Accurate logging of operating system version so we can better support you.

In other news: Login to the forum now uses secure https/ssl.

11th August, 2014 - Upgrading to Evolution
Detail on registration for GameEx Evolution is now available:
  • As previously mentioned llifetime licenses registered from September 2013 get a free upgrade to Evolution.
  • 1 year licenses will also get a free upgrade to Evolution and get updates if and while they are active and valid
  • The recent integration of registration with the forum now allows upgrade pricing to members not eligiible for a free upgrade.
  • A 20% discount will be available to all lifetime legacy GameEx holders.
  • Forum members promoted to Contributor or Elite status wiill receive a compilmentary lifetime license.


11th August, 2014 - Forum and registration updates.
In order to enhnance the experience, build and reward the community and allow for the future we have integrated GameEx registrations with our online community.

GameEx registration now includes various additional online extras. We are also providing a means to obtain these additional benefits for other members of the community.

The good news is, is if you have a valid gameex registration regardless of when you got it you get the online upgrade for free.

We have imported most of our existing members into the new GameEx member groups in the forum.

For automatic promotion all that is needed is for your email on the forum to match the email your registration key was sent to. Please update it and/or signup to the community. If you no longer have access to that email address and have a lifetime license or active 1 year license please send a copy of your receipt in entirety to for manual update.

The future, is in you, our community, thank you.

Unfortunatly with these changes the GameEx sale is now over.

6th August, 2014 - GameEx sale update
We are working on some significant changes to registration and licensing to tie in with new services and GameEx Evolution so we are extending the GameEx license sale until these updates are complete which should be within the next couple of weeks. Thank You.

31st July, 2014 - GameEx Summer Sale ending soon.

The GameEx summer license sale has been extended slightly to the 10th August.

As stated, all new registrations for new or old users will be entitled to a free upgrade to GameEx Evolution.

We are still working on GameEx Evolution and will post more news as it happens.

There is also an active discussion topic on Evolution here.

6th July, 2014 - Get GameEx while it's hot!

The current 25% discount on GameEx will run until the end of the July.

As disclosed you will also get a free upgrade to GameEx Evolution when released. So get it while it is hot!

What is GameEx Evolution? GameEx Evolution is the sequel and followup to GameEx. We released a sneaky teaser video this week:

8th June, 2014 - Summer Sale - 25% off GameEx
The price of GameEx has been dropped 25% and any licenses purchased now also receive a free upgrade to the next generation of front ends when available - GameEx Evolution.

8th June, 2014 - GameEx 13.27
Fixes, optimizations, and security enhancments to the integrated EmuMovies downloader.
Also includes EmuMovied Download Service Utility version 2.1.

20th May, 2014 - New GameEx FTP Site
Announcing a new FTP service for all GameEx users.

This is currently a free service and open to all.
We welcome user uploads and we are currently hosting a complete MAME extras set along with some other content.

User: gameex_shared
Password: Tommy_Is_A_Pinball_Wizard!

6th May, 2014 - GameEx 13.26
  • Fixes Steam support for latest client
  • Updated plugins by Ben Baker
  • Updated MAME mapping utility by Tempest
  • Updated Plugins by Adultery
  • Fixes GameEx In Game/Pause settings wrong in Seup Wizard.
Finally some news on the big picture and GameEx Evolution.
You may be aware that one of the new features of GameEx Evolution is GameEx Online. GameEx online provides access to your games library online through any web browser and also allows remote access to your front end.
Online and social features are a core part of GameEx Evolution. GameEx online is already in use for PinballX and work has been taking place on the GameEx version of this.
I am pleased to say we have a special treat for all GameEx VIPS and Elites and with this release and going forward you get to use the new GameEx Online for GameEx in Beta up until the Evolution release.

Please feel free to provide any feedback on the forums.

25th April, 2014 - Spesoft-GameEx Wiki

As you may have noticed a new link entitled Wiki recently appeared in the forum navigation header.  Well today we are pleased to announce the official grand opening of the Spesoft-GameEx Wiki!


We feel like this wiki has the potential to become an incredible source of knowledge and documentation for GameEx, PinballX, and for Emulation in general.  You, yes you are vital to that endeavor!  This is your wiki!  Our community has an amazingly deep body of knowledge in regards to all things emulation!  If you have special emulation knowledge you would like to share this is your chance to become a pillar of the community.  Your friends will be so impressed!  Feel free to create pages, add helpful knowledge to existing articles, and evolve this wiki into something amazing!


Your wiki is freely available for anyone to browse, and for any registered user to edit as they see fit.  The Wiki login is linked to your forum login, so every time you are logged into the forum you are also logged into the wiki.  If you change the password on your forum account that will be reflected in your Wiki account, etc.


Are you pumped yet!?  Great!  Here’s some links to help you get started:

We are targeting a few general guidelines for the wiki.  In addition of following some general guidelines of wiki etiquette we would ask that we keep the wiki dedicated to emulation guides and documentation.  Specifically we would ask that the wiki is not used for general file storage and whatnot since we have various other outlets that are more appropriate for those endeavors.  That’s it!  The biggest guideline is have fun and be bold!


For those interested in the technical details the Wiki is built on the MediaWiki framework, which is the same engine that powers Wikipedia.

19th April, 2014 - PinballX 1.79
PinballX 1.79 released.
  • Remotely control the volume on your cab with GameEx Online.
  • Fixes Visual Pinball not closing if table starts with error.


8th March, 2014 - Slingfront 1.5

SlingFront Version 1.5 Released

  • Various and substantial changes and enhancements by Oliver.

Get it here

5th March, 2014 - GameEx 13.24
This release adds support for the new Emumovies GameEx database vidoes for other emulated systems.

NES is available via the download service and FTP and Coleco is currently being worked on.

Download the videos, set the path under basic emulator settings and the rest is plug is play.

2nd March, 2014 - GameEx 13.22
  • Working with EmuMovies this release brings GameEx database videos to life. Read more here. Note: Set the path to the videos under MAME settings.
  • Movie box art and descriptions are downloading and working again.
  • Several fixes for the UPNP media server client
  • Some performance enhancments


6th February, 2014 - Introducing GameEx Online
As part of GameEx Evolution (the sequel to GameEx) a new feature is being introduced - GameEx Online.
GameEx online allows access to your game library and associated media and assets from any web enabled device and also allows you to remote control the software.

GameEx online is being piloted with PinballX before GameEx evolution is released and is now available in the latest version of PinballX.

Visit the GameEx Online site at

14th January, 2014 - GameEx 13.21
  • Big update to the Game Info Plugin by Adultery.
  • Updated Xpadder Plugin by Adultery.
  • Fixes Steam support for the latest Steam client released last week.


5th December, 2013 - GameEx 13.20
Updated XPadder and Game Info plugins by Adultery featuring many new features.
Updated LCD/LED Plugin by Ben Baker adding support for the latest devices and MAME releases.

15th November, 2013 - GameEx 13.19
Fixes for latest MAME release.
Display reinitialization fix.

27th September, 2013 - GameEx 13.18
Big Plugin update thanks to Adultery. Also special thanks to Stu.

23rd September, 2013 - GameEx 13.17
This release is a database related update.
We have included updates to all the databases so they now contain all data even data that is not verified and validated. The user community seemed to want that so that is what has been done.
GameEx itself also includes a couple of minor updates to work with and display the data better.
Thanks as always to Michael (AKA Flash) our resident GameEx dbase Guru who is responsible for all this work.

8th August, 2013 - GameEx 13.15
GameEx 13.15 released.
  • Many updated emulator databases thanks to Flash. We are always looking to improve them and could do with some help. If you would like to contribute please contact GreatFlash via the forums.
  • Adds publisher support from the system databases, featuring full listing, categorisation and linking. (Only supported with modern theme versions).
  • Adds back the system biography which has been missing for some time. (Only supported with modern theme versions).
  • Another new database feature thanks to Flash is that when using database game names bracketed information can be shown and nicely formatted for cases where there are multiple regions or discs. (Remove brackets has to be turned off).
  • New setting to format game names (renamed from previous setting) which performs a little more formatting of file names to make them look nicer.
  • The in game / pause feature has been greatly improved and includes support for a key combo and gamepad hot buttons to access the feature. The feature is also now more reliable, resilient and stable. It also now properly pauses and resumes any system. It works with the latest MAME and many emulators but if it is not compatible GameEx will gracefully return to to the game. Note: The feature has been moved to its own sub section in the setup wizard under input and the settings are now stored in custominput.ini.
  • Fixes controls Meta Data for the latest MAME release (this had broken the UltraStik plugin).
  • Updated Game Info plugin by Adultery.
  • New Quick Launch plugin by Adultery easily allowing you to launch multiple programs before and after games.
  • The system databases are now included with the installer. They are no longer a separate download and will update automatically.
  • We now have more standardised naming of gaming systems and emulators thanks to Headkaze and several files have been renamed and updated.
  • The plugin system has been updated to 1.41 with events now receiving publisher, system biography, and video snap path.


9th July, 2013 - GameEx 13.14
  • Updated XPadder and Game Info plugins by Adultery.
  • Steam support can now be disabled completely.
  • Number of external applications supported increased from 25 to 50.


5th June, 2013 - GameEx 13.13

Updated Game Info Plugin by Adultery.

Good to see you back buddy.

30th May, 2013 - GameEx 13.12
Minor performance improvements and fixes.

22nd May, 2013 - Introducing PinballX

PinballX is a free digital pinball front end designed for digital pinball cabinets developed by the author of GameEx. It is compatible with HyperPin media and databases. Credit to Bill E for creating the first digital pinball front end publicy available HyperPin.

Please be aware this is a new release and there may be some items to address which we are happy to do.

Home Page

10th May, 2013 - GameEx 13.11
  • Improved compatibility with Linux and Mac under WINE
  • New Mac OS X version available that is quite an improvement. Note: This is still experimnetal.
  • Running under Linux and OS X can now be done without registration required.
  • Fixes to GameEx login which was not working properly since we moved to the new database format.
  • Fixes display not reninitializing after download of and selecting themes.
  • Fixes display startup issues when the run full screen windowed setting is set.

Download here.

6th May, 2013 - New GameEx web site has been completely redesigned and has had an overhaul.

23rd April, 2013 - GameEx 13.10
  • The installer features improved support for WINE on Mac and Linux.
  • Fix for theme editor on some versions of 64 bit windows


1st April, 2013 - GameEx 13.09
Minor fix to directory caching.