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GameEx is available as a free or enhanced registered version.
You can too unlock the full potential of the front end. Please purchase a registered version of GameEx. Get it all and your purchase will ensure the continuation of this project. Updates will continue to be regular, and we can continue to provide a free version..

  • To register securely please visit the store on our forums.
  • If you are not ready to register yet please feel free join our friendly community on our forums and ask any questions or otherwise get involved.

Registration provides these additional features and functionality:

  • No nag screen, and faster loading.
  • Access to GameEx Online
  • Complete menu customization. Organize the layout, structure and appearance of the gameex pages, and create your own menu system.
  • Full unrestricted access to downloads and the GameEx and PinballX FTP servers.
  • A new front end first for registered GameEx users – Plug and play Steam support with automatic artwork, videos and database. Access all your installed Steam games from the GameEx interface.
  • Plug and play EA Origin support.
  • Plug and play Uplay support.
  • You will also be able to use GameExtender. GameExtender is like a networked LCD display for GameEx but for a real PC Display or TV, it can also be viewed through a web browser. You can remote control GameEx with any web enabled device including your iPhone or iPad.
  • Automatic version updates, that download and install without needing to do a thing.
  • EXPORT your most played, favorites and PC Games to Windows Media Center. They run under the GameEx engine so there are no video or audio conflicts.
  • MAME to emulator mapping. Launch specifc MAME games or MAME game types with alternate versions of MAME or different emulators.
  • 25% off emumovies membership for all your Videos and Artwork for use in GameEx. EmuMovies download functionality is built into GameEx.. Special access details will be included in your registration email.
  • Fully functional search feature.
  • eBook and Comic Book Reader.
  • Enhanced LCD/VFD Support, with play timer, game controls and more.
  • PDF game manual viewer.
  • Mouse Emulation: Control games and applications that require a mouse with a gamepad or arcade controls. It’s possible to pay $20 for other software that does this.
  • Merge game lists for games with multiple regions or disks.
  • Zip support for emulators that don’t natively support zips.
  • Play seperate music based on emulator list.
  • Enhanced Attract Mode/Screensaver: Also run other emulators.
  • Enhanced Internet Radio with 1000’s of stations.
  • CD Player with Internet album lookup.
  • Automatically create AVI video previews  for your games.
  • SiliconDust HDHomeRun support adds live cable TV.
  • TV Plugin support including VU Player and ServerWMC.
  • Game Statistics
  • 7-ZIP GoodMerge Support.
  • You will get a high speed, high quality CD Ripper. Rip and play your CD’s without leaving the interface and GameEx or MCE experience. The ripped CD is automatically added to your music collection for use in MCE, GameEx or any other player.
  • Media Library. The Media library brings all your pictures, videos and audio together in one place. It can also be used as an alternative to the jukebox by allowing you to view your music by folder and filename.
  • You will also get access to the Karaoke module in GameEx.
  • You’ll get the DVD’s (AKA DVD’s on Disk module), which allows playing and access of any DVD’s on your hard disk or Network, with automatic DVD artwork download and the ability to use FFDSHOW.
  • Rotated vertical monitor support, with auto configuration for MAME.
  • Automatically exit launched games and programs after a period of inactiviy.
  • CD/DVD support. GameEx can check for CDs and prompt for insertion. Allowing protected retail games to be integrated into the front end, and allowing access to offline content.
  • Real time key remapping for emulators and PC games, via an advanced configuration file. Along with key and mouse button blocking.
  • Run GameEx on Linux and Macs under WINE.
  • Free license to the specific Mac OS X version.
  • Live online MAME game lists. Hall of fame, GameEx most played..