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Support files


There are various support files used by GameEx which deserve a lot of the credit.

The support files along with some other useful downloads are outlined below and you can get the latest versions from the sites listed.


MAME Game information and history.
Provides Game descriptions for GameEx.


MAME Game Category information.
Provides Game categories for GameEx.


Detailed MAME game information.
Provides Recommended Games for GameEx.


MAME game number of players and play type information.
Allows GameEx to create the multi player simultaneous game list.


Provides information about the controls used by MAME games
Allows GameEx to create and display a control panel for games.


EmuMovies is a project to replace all of those boring snapshots used in your front-end (MameWah, 3Darcade, GameEx etc.) with high quality avi previews. They also have various other files to spice up GameEx such as game manuals for most systems. In addition upon registering GameEx you will get access to special pricing, offering you up to 25% off FTP and download service access. Access and password details to obtain the special pricing will be included in your registration email.


CPWizard is a control panel editor, control panel viewer (controls.dat), game info (listinfo.xml/Catver.ini/nplayers.ini/HallOfFame.xml), game history (history.dat), mame info (mameinfo.dat), special moves (command.dat) and hiscore (story.dat) viewer, manual viewer (pdf), mame artwork viewer (cabinet, control panel, flyers, marquees, snaps, titles, character select, artwork previews and pcb’s), emulator artwork viewer (manuals, nfo, operation cards, snaps, titles, carts and boxes) and IRC client will full color and smilie support. It can export CP’s to Mame’s bezel artwork format to view your controls while inside Mame.


GameBase Frontend
GameBase is a database driven front-end with many databases and collections available including the famous GB64 Commodore 64 Collection. GameEx can use GameBase collections if used in conjuction with GameBase. GameBase is also a great front end in its own right.


Excellent ICONS for use with GameEx


Arcade Ambiance
From the site: “The arcade ambience project is an attempt of mine to simulate the audio ambience of a crowded arcade room during the golden age of arcades in the 1980s.  This is a sound I think that has been lost over the years and does not exist in today’s pitiful arcades in my opinion.  My main motivation for this project was to create some ambience in my basement arcade, having a somewhat authentic arcade background hum while I or my guests  play on my MAME arcade cabinet. I thought that maybe others who have cabinets (or just miss real arcade nostalgia) could also benefit from my work.”

GameEx has specific support for playing the Arcade Ambiance tracks.


Map your joystick to keys. Get it here.


A new take on JoyToKey, and a more feature rich and polished solution than GameEx’s own advanced emulator configuration. In its simplest it does what JoyToKey or a GameEx advanced emulator config file does, but it also does much more.


Game Manuals
For use with the GameEx manual viewer.


JoyIDs Utility
Here you will find a utility by the WingMan Team that allows you to change the JoyID in Windows XP. If you have game adapters with the same ID you can specify each adapter and select the one you want used by GameEx in the config utility.


This is a free utility that among things allows you to map keys to other keys. Sort of like a KeyToKey rather JoyToKey! GameEx supports launching this application before, or after programs launch.




An excellent MAME build that is designed to support Arcade Monitors and TV’s.
GameEx supports this emulator.


An Emulator for Arcade games based on Sony Playstation hardware.
GameEx can use this emulator to launch playstation based games instead of MAME.


Model 2 Emulator
An Emulator for Arcade games based on Sega model 2 hardware.
GameEx can use this emulator to launch model 2 based games instead of MAME.


Emulates Laserdisc Arcade Games
GameEx supports this emulator also.


High Quality XVID GameEx Demo Video, for content and media providers (for streaming and re-encoding use).


Flash’s Retro Computer Galery
This is an expanding archive of images covering Consoles, Handhelds, and Computers offering high resolution re-touched images for use in anything from advertising, web design, magazines – fanzines, and frontends. And also just for the curious. The web itself lacks images of classic historical gaming machines and this site (in due course) is here to put that right.