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  • GameEx 15.20

    This release is a significant update to GameEx and GameEx arcade edition but
    involves work mainly on the back end. There are also too many fixes to mention
    in this release but the original purpose of it was to upgrade the DirectX
    library from managed DirectX to SlimDX. In addition all video rendering is now
    GPU hardware accelerated. This all provides significant stability and
    performance improvements, especially on older hardware. On newer hardware 4k
    60fps video previews are no issue at all.

    There is also a fixed and improved GameLauncher mode and the background snap
    theme and mode is working as expected again.

    Again, there are many fixes in and minor improvements in this release. You
    may find some issues you had fixed and because the changes are so substantial I
    will provide the previous releases in case I missed something in my regression