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    Screen streaming is working again at GameEx online and now supports full screen exclusive apps too.

    I am working on an online list manager which will take you closer to managing your cabinet without getting off the couch (even if on the other side of the world).

    I have not taken donations for ten years and PinballX is essentially free software along with https://vpdb.io which I host.

    If you want to support the cause please consider purchasing a subscription or lifetime access. I hate to say it but money from my hobby goes a long way to motivate me if not support my lifestyle.

    Im not the one to go to on every product  for some people these days but I (and others here) have motivated and inspired many people and innovated and been the first with many things..

    You will get a lot for your money including GmeEx Online and you will keep me motivated, innovative and inspired.


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    Thank you.

    Tom Speirs.